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Aston Villa confirm Lyngby BK interest

Lyngby themselves have confirmed that Aston Villa are circling the club, shame about their colours though

Lyngby BK vs FC Copenhagen - Danish Alka Superliga Photo by Lars Ronbog / FrontZoneSport via Getty Images

After reports emerged earlier in the week in regards to Aston Villa’s potential investment in a foreign football team - namely Lyngby BK - it has been confirmed by a variety of primary sources that Villa are heavily involved with the Danish side, and are working with them right now.

Those sources? Aston Villa CEO Keith Wyness has spoken out about Lyngby, and Lyngby BK themselves have stated that Aston Villa were involved in the ongoing ownership discussions around the club, which is in a true financial crisis.

Up until yesterday, it looked certain that the Superligaen side were heading for monetary disaster, however a ‘circle of investors’ that weren’t coated in claret & blue ploughed money into the side to ensure it could meet its financial obligations, pay salaries and keep running. Interestingly enough, despite the confirmed involvement of Aston Villa FC in these negotiations, the Villans weren’t the ones parting with the cash. A local investing group with an interest in Lyngby, headed by former Lyngby man Birger Jørgensen came up with a plan, and the cash, needed to save Lyngby in the short term.

Keith Wyness told BT - the Danish paper breaking this story - that he was sending a team to Denmark to speak to Lyngby, and that they’d be taking a close look at finances before agreeing anything with the Danish team. It’s still uncertain that Villa will launch a full-scale takeover, but Wyness has a big interest in running Lyngby in a more efficient manner, with benefits for Villa and Lyngby.

Villa are not the only club interested in Lyngby though, who seem to be the focus of a number of bids from English sides. Our side Villa, though, are the most frequently reported partner - which might stand for something.

Aston Villa’s involvement with the club looks to be focused on the long term, however, we have reached out to Lyngby BK to hear the answers directly from the club that this entire situation surrounds. Stay tuned.