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Birkir Bjarnason debuts in VOGUE Magazine

Yes. Birkir Bjarnason is now a model. Of course.

Nigeria v Iceland: Group D - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Birkir Bjarnason hasn’t featured for Aston Villa lately, due to a pretty bad injury, but that hasn’t stopped him from featuring altogether...

The Icelandic midfielder featured as a profile in the VOGUE magazine feature How to Win at Winter, Scandinavian Style’ by Mosha Lundström Halbert. The author collated the experience of a number of high-profile Scandinavians from the worlds of fashion, music and sport to see how they cope with winter - to pick up a few hints, tips and tricks.

Birkir’s segment features a portrait by Saga Sig. It’s worth reading (and seeing).

Bjarnason has always served as a lightning rod for Nordic culture - and is famed within his own country due to his footballing exploits. Renowned for big time goals, key moments and generally looking good, Birkir pretty much explodes back in the mainstream at every international tournament. It was only in the summer when he was being fawned over after playing a football match with a broken nose (and revealing his upper thighs). He was also offered an ASOS modelling contract after Euro 2016 and features regularly in cultural pieces and fashion shoots.

His Instagram feed is full of him enjoying good food, reading good books, going to good places and generally enjoying himself.Are we saying that Birkir Bjarnason is the high-brow Aston Villa player? We’re not arguing against that, at the very least.