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7500 To Holte post-game roundtable: Villa 2 - Bolton 0

We put our heads together to discuss Villa’s win over Bolton. The good, and the bad (there was no bad)

Queens Park Rangers v Aston Villa - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images

Sometimes, when there’s something worth writing - there’s opinions worth gathering. At 7500 to Holte, we got together to discuss Aston Villa’s 1st three games as Villa Head Coach.

So, two losses and a win - how has it felt?

Jake Fenicle:

Don’t think I can say it enough - this is actually positive football versus what we’ve seen in recent months/years. Yannick Bolasie was a baller against Bolton and I hope he’ll be fit enough to run as a starter soon enough with that firepower. Hoping this gives Jack the kick in the ass he needed to go on and be a scoresheet leader game in, game out. The defense is still spotty as Hutton and Taylor go way too far forward at times leaving Chester and Tuanzebe exposed and giving up chances. Finally this next run of games scares me. It’s “nut up or shut up” now for Villa as I’m pretty sure every match in the next 9 except for one is against a team in the top half of the table? Now’s when we need to prove ourselves and get up into the mix for promotion.

Sean Evans:

I certainly like what I have seen with possession and attacking play. Far more fluid than it was under Steve Bruce, especially in this Bolton match. Nice to see it appears Dean Smith has gotten a tune out Grealish.

I agree with Jake, defensively there are certainly issues present - not to mention our lack of depth in terms of true centre-backs.

Overall, I am a far more optimistic about our future based on what I have seen. Looks as if there is an actual tactical system in place. Not too much in terms of criticism for me and you’ve got to love this:

Phil Vogel:

One of the best parts is that it is likely to get better. In the attacking phase players were looking for each other really well but just missing one another. In the back end it’s only a clean sheet because of Chester’s heroic last second save. I think the key to the team under Smith right now is John McGinn -- kid is playing out of his mind and the way he is playing allows Jack the freedom to spark attacking plays.

James Rushton:

I’m so in love with Dean Smith. Everything just feels so right, right now. I guess Chester saved us at the death, but our defense for the most part looked so very calm. Everything is coming together and it’s just the best. I cannot wait for the games to come, and that’s saying something.

Alex Carson:

I wasn’t able to catch the game, but I can’t remember the last Villa goal that was better-worked than Jack’s.

James Rushton:

I really think that says it all, Alex. It was all planned. I feel so good about us right now.

Phil Vogel:

And there must have been 4/5 other chances between Abraham, Kodjia, and Adomah. If those guys can connect -- this team can go on a hell of a run.