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Nope, Villa won’t flog Villa Park’s name

Villa shut down this latest news - quite quickly

Aston Villa v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

One of the first items breaking into the general news following tonights Fan Consultation Group is the that Villa actually won’t be selling the naming rights to Villa Park to generate income.

Earlier this month, we, along with others reported on a story that did state that Villa were considering selling their naming rights to generate financial fair play friendly income. It now seems that this is not set to be the case.

The words? They come from the best source. Chief Executive Officer Christian Purslow confirmed to the FCG group that earlier news stories reporting on the sale of Villa’s naming rights were simply rumours and speculation. What’s more, he’s not considering a sale of Villa Park’s naming rights - not right now anyway.

To be blunt, a name change enforced by the sale of the naming rights to Aston Villa’s stadium wouldn’t really have much of an effect - at all. After all, how often do you refer to Villa’s Warwickshire training ground by it’s legally correct name? Well?

Case closed. At least for now.