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Aston Villa announce fixtures for 17/18 WSL2 season

Villa Ladies are back! Roar with them.

Beatrice Jaskeviciute

It’s been a great summer of football for England, and the Villa Ladies are looking to harness some of that feel good factor! While the Lionesses didn’t quite roar to a title (the Dutch ones did!), they made a massive impression on world football.

Our own Lionesses now play at The Lamb Ground, up in Tamworth after moving from Sutton Coldfield last season. Their home fixtures are noted below.

Villa open up the Lamb with a visit from Brighton in September, before taking on Watford - who Villa pulverized last season! The famous Doncaster Belles vist a week after Valentines in February, which could be a date with destiny for Villa who want to gun to get themselves into as good a position as possible before Spurs head up to the Midlands to close the season off at home on the 13th of May.

We will update this as soon as the away fixtures are released. Stay tuned!

EDIT: @talkvillaladies grabbed the full fixture list. Villa start at home before moving to Spurs. A game in Sheffield finishes the season off.