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Aston Villa 2017-18 player preview: Keinan Davis

Keinan Davis is one of Villa’s forward threats - and he’s barely played!


Nothing against Keinan, but he’s not the reserve player that we expected to break through. Signing from Biggleswade Town, he’s had plenty of time at VIlla under his belt, and when Rushian Hepburn-Murphy’s contract situation became big news - Keinan took his chance and hasn’t looked back - and he has impressed almost everyone.

With Keinan - it’s too early for us to say what he’ll develop into, and he really does need a goal for Villa, but his first team stints so far have been extremely promising. I’d venture to say that he’s Villa’s best hold-up man - and he’s proved that. He’ll get the long ball and hold onto it for ages to make a play. We can work on his shooting - but that hold up play is natural and shows everything we need from a striker. The future is bright for Davis, and it will only get brighter as he starts to prove himself over and over.