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Aston Villa 2017-18 player preview: André Green

He’s of average height, but he’s a giant in my heart.

AFC Telford United v Aston Villa: Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Malcolm Couzens/Getty Images

I have one major disappointment in sports.

Okay, I have many. I am a fan of the Seattle Mariners and Aston Villa. Mine is a life of woe. BUT, my grievance at this point is the fact that André Green is only 71 inches tall. That’s 1.8 meters. In other words, he is NOT a giant. All I want is to be able to “creatively” nickname someone the Green Giant. You know, this guy.

But no. He’s the Green Average. At least in terms of height.

In terms of potential, though? Well, there he might be the Green Giant. He’s been given a (relatively) low number of 19, and it seems like he should be starting pretty regularly for Aston Villa. The 19-year-old left winger hasn’t had much of a chance to do anything for the club in his 15 appearances yet, but in the preseason he was able to show a bit of why he can boss the field. He’s powerful, and he showed that he can find the back of the net when he scored against Telford.

But to heck with all of that. If André Green wants to become the hero of my heart he’ll find some way to add three or four inches to his frame. Or maybe he can just lead the team in scoring or assists and be a metaphorical giant.

I suppose I’d settle for that.