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Aston Villa 2017-18 player preview: Leandro Bacuna

The marmite Villan returns for his second season of second tier footy.

Aston Villa v Watford - Pre Season Friendly Photo by Mark Robinson/Getty Images

Leandro Bacuna is both a known, yet unknown quantity. The former talent didn't hit the high hopes expected of him when Paul Lambert brought him in from Groningen.

Both his attitude, and his constant rotation by a series of managers can be blamed for this. On his day, he's a good player, but his day rarely comes. Thankfully, Bacuna can fill in across the pitch, and he's played at every single position except goalkeeper for Villa. He's a fantastic bench option to have.

Weirdly, it's still cool to hate Bacuna, who put in a shift last season to make amends. He grafted on the pitch, but it's clearly too late for the man to have an impact on the Holte. We're still expecting decent crosses and set pieces from Bacuna when he fills in, though. I think that's the least of what we can expect. It’s the done thing to hate Leandro Bacuna, but under the surface, you’ll see a grafter who plays his part in the big picture.