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Play fantasy football with 7500 to Holte!

You can play EFL Championship fantasy football this year!

Ah, August. Players have been moving between clubs for more than a month, and the first league fixtures of the campaign are right around the corner. With the start of a new season comes the start of, well, a new fantasy season.

For the past few years, 7500 to Holte has conducted a Fantasy Premier League Group. Even though Aston Villa aren’t in the EPL, many fans still play FPL, which is why I’ve reactivated the group yet again. Click here or use this code: 352836-85638.

This year, Fantasy EFL Championship is available through The Telegraph. Naturally, we must experience this game and be able to select Villa players (if they’re healthy), so I have created a group there for those interested. Sign up is free for one entry per person, and apparently there are prizes on offer from that website. The League Pin is 8132794, and the passcode used to join the 7500 league is 1982. Click here to access the league homepage.

If you’re unfamiliar with how this game works, here’s a quick rundown:

- Every manager receives a budget. In FPL it’s £100m, in Fantasy EFL Championship it’s half as much: £50m.

- All managers have access to all players. Choose 11 starters and fill out a teamsheet within the budget. In FPL, four bench players are added for a squad that totals 15.

- Over the course of the season, a limited number of transfers are permitted. In F-EFLC it’s just 40. In FPL it’s a set amount per week, going over it will result in a points deduction.

- Players receive points for match actions, like scoring a goal or playing 90 minutes. Points are also deducted for yellow and red cards.

Will you be among the 27.1% of players to have selected John Terry for their teams at a cost of £4.5m? Or maybe you’ll cough up £6.8m to get Jonathan Kodjia like 24.7% of fantasy managers. No matter which players you select, it’s bound to be an interesting season!