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Aston Villa unveil new kits for 17/18 season

Aston Villa have released their new kits.

Aston Villa have unveiled their new football kits for the 2017/2018 English Football League Championship season; and they are pretty good!

This also confirms Unibet as the sponsor after last night’s leak.

The focus is on the away shirt this year - and it’s a much better effort than Villa have had previously. Macron dialled it in each year with dodgy templates, and Under Armour’s first effort was decent, but looked uglier as the season dragged on. Villa have reverted to black, in a very similar design to the McLeish era kit with checkered stripes running vertically from the arm. This black away kit has a pixelated claret bar across the chest.

Villa’s main kit isn’t ugly though. It’s very similar to last year’s strip, but with a few tweaks. The most noticeable is the embossed Lion Rampant every inch or so around the kit. You get the feeling that the idea was probably better as a concept, though.

The campaign for this season? It’s not #FightLikeLions anymore. We’re #PartOfThePride now. The kit is £55 in the UK, but is not available right now. You’ll have to pre-order and wait until the end of July.