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The Dalian - General Election Special

No football today. Go and vote if you live in the UK

Greatest British Views Captured By Samsung Galaxy S8 Photo by Matthew Cattell/Getty Images for Samsung Galaxy S8

Today’s a big day for the UK, so ideally you’ll excuse the lack of football news today.

This is the end of a snap election campaign and the eventual start of a new Parliament. There are 650 seats that represent 650 constituencies and a party must reach a total of 326 seats to form a majority and thus a Government. If it falls short of the seats, a party may join forces with another to push towards a majority, but this will mean it surrenders a bit of its power. 326 seats are needed so the Party in power can push their votes through and win a vote in Parliament and turn their manifesto into a reality.

We’re sorry to bother you - bet you’re sick of politics - but this is really important. If you don’t like the candidates, feel free to draw a large penis on the ballot paper - it’s your right to do so.


And Yourself?

It’s not all about us - so get out there and vote. If you care about issues - take the day out and knock some doors to get others in your area to vote. This election will be decided by marginal areas - so the smallest village can have a huge impact and every action you can partake in might change the future of the country.

That’s not all though. No matter what happens with this election - it’s not over. Fight for the issues that you care about and make sure whomever is Prime Minister in the future is held accountable.

We’ll see you tomorrow with some Villa and football news. Have a great day.