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17/18 Aston Villa away kit leaks

Back in black!

Aston Villa's kits for next season have been leaked online. Thanks to the ever-reliable, we now know what Villa will be wearing in their second, and hopefully final, Championship campaign. Yesterday it was the home kit that leaked, and today we finally get to see the away version.

As you can see, its a new move for Villa who haven't had a black away kit in a while. This new effort is very much a reverse of last season's away kit, with white being exchanged for black and the claret bar being moved to the chest and expanded. What is interesting to note, though is the inclusion of a pixel effect on the claret bar. I do not think that has been done before! Not in a football kit anyway.

As nice as this is, Villa will not have much chance to wear it as their claret home kit doesn't clash with many teams. This is still good looking though!