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Aston Villa appear close to first transfer

Dr Tony tweets, cryptologists needed

Aston Villa  v Wigan - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

I think Villa fans may have to start reading some cryptology books in preparation for transfer windows.

Soon contract sign — stick a pin in it. That all makes sense. The heart with the arrow is the uncertain symbol here.

Someone choosing heart over money — Alex Bruce has been released from Hull and some have speculated he could join up with his dad — and it is Father’s Day weekend. Someone with their heart broken — Cristiano Ronaldo appears to be quite upset over some tax issues..... I’m just saying. John Terry and Glenn Whelan are other options that have been linked in the past few weeks.

The most likely circumstance is I’m way off base and Dr Tony is having some fun — which I love.

What are your theories?