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Nothing is happening with Aston Villa - and that’s good!

For once, Aston Villa news isn’t coming at lightning speed. That’s a relief.

Aston Villa v Brighton & Hove Albion - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Tumbleweeds are a weird plant thing and they are synonymous with a place were nothing is happening. So are crickets. Twiddling thumbs and all that. For anyone following Aston Villa these past few weeks - news has been dry.

For someone who wants to write about Aston Villa as much as they can - that means two things. It means making stuff up, or regurgitating content. We can talk about the same things until the cows come home: for example, we could discuss Gabby Agbonlahor’s future once more. We might talk about Tony Xia. We might refresh worries regarding the financing of Aston Villa in the Championship. For Villa right now, it’s just a case of been there and done that.

Maybe the general election killed Villa news off? Certainly on my Twitter feed it has. It’s DUP this - Tories that. A lot of people involved in football seem to be spending more time in the community and less on their phones. A good thing? For sure.

Apart from a glancing shot at Stoke for Glenn Whelan - Aston Villa are doing nothing right now. This might be because of the suspension of Keith Wyness - but it points to the club possibly meeting up behind the scenes and insuring the club is stable - rather than getting out in front of the world too much. We might think that Villa are resting on their laurels, but maybe everything is in place for a real shot at promotion come next May. Maybe that’s why we are not hearing much? Even in terms of sales!

As a kid, I always wanted to see transfer sagas and takeover bids - but you know what? It’s a bit refreshing to not have to deal with the ‘will he, won’t he’ of transfers. It’s a change from the hectic pace of modern football. It’s different. For someone writing about football and Aston Villa, I feel like this is a much needed break - however, we aren’t ever far from percentages and BODMAS hitting our timelines as Dr Tony Xia’s thumbs get restless...