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New 17/18 Aston Villa kit leaks online

Renders of next season’s AVFC kit have leaked on

Aston Villa’s new kit has leaked online - and it looks remarkably similar to last season’s edition.

Under Armour clearly haven’t taken a lot of thought into this new design - and that might be something to do with Aston Villa’s recurring Championship status. The kit is almost identical bar a number of design choices.

The biggest change? It’s the embossed Lion Rampant that is replicated across the front and back of the shirt. Apart from that, the sleeves have been redesigned with a claret touch at the bottom and the collar has been revamped to a more modern style than a button-down design.

People - for whatever reason - go mad about new football kits. Of course, there are your classic teams kits which boast prestige like the red and black of AC Milan and Barcelona’s red and blue. Then you get your unique designs. This Aston Villa effort? It’s largely the same - but there are some improvements.