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Burton Albion vs. Aston Villa, live stream: Team news, game time and how to follow online

We’ve got everything you need to follow along as Aston Villa visit Burton Albion.

Bennett “A Scholar and A Gentleman” Berry

Alright, let’s get something out of the way first: no matter how good this run is, we’re not talking about playoff scenarios...

...yet. We may get there. But not today.

Instead, let’s talk about winning for the sake of winning. Aston Villa are on a roll unlike anything we’ve seen in this decade. Seven wins in eight matches. Seven clean sheets. Goals in well, not abundance, but certainly enough. This has been fun. This has been amazing. And this should continue. Because that’s what we want.

Burton Albion have been pretty bad this season, but they’ve got two wins in their last four matches. And that follows a string of a win and four straight draws. So they’re not great, but they’re doing better.

Hopefully Villa can keep up what they’ve had. I’d like to talk about playoff scenarios, but at this point the only way we can do that is if Villa keep winning. So, yaknow, just do that.


Location: Pirelli Stadium, Burton upon Trent, England

Kick-off time: 3 PM BST, 10 AM Eastern, 7 AM Pacific

Available TV: None

Available streaming: None

Available radio: BBC WM 95.6 FM (not online), AVTV (If audio doesn’t work, try using Safari)

Other listings are available from

Aston Villa squad

Burton Albion squad

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