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Departed Ugo Ehiogu will still fight for the future of football

Ugo’s wife, Gemma will set up a charity in his name

Aston Villa v Birmingham City - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

The world of English football was stunned on Friday after learning of the passing of Ugo Ehiogu - one of the more remarkable figures of the modern English game.

However, Ugo will not be forgotten and despite the fact that he has left a large hole in the Tottenham Hotspur coaching team - Ugo will still have a huge impact on the future of English football, especially if his wife Gemma has something to say about it.

Gemma Ehiogu has set up a JustGiving page to help found a charity that will help children in England play football:

“Ugo's dream was to set up a charity that gives every child equal opportunity to access and play football. He had already put the wheels in motion. This fund will make his dream become a reality. We don't have a set target every donation will help. Thank you, In memory of Ugo Ehiogu #DoSomethingKind”

The ending hashtag was taken from the last tweet of Ehiogu, who remarked that he had offered money to a homeless woman on a whim - and encouraged others to do something as kind. The statement has become a beacon of remembrance, with friends and fans of Ugo taking upon themselves to fill their days with actions of kindness.

We encourage you to do something kind - so donate any amount that you can to help give kids in England a chance to do something that Ugo loved. Playing footy.