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Why Albert Adomah should be one of your favourite players

Smiling boy gives a lot to the Villa and that’s good. Love him like I do.

Aston Villa v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Albert Adomah isn’t a world beater. He’s a really good Sunday league footballer. He’s basically done a Jamie Vardy but nobody gives a shit because he’s a winger and he plays for Ghana.

I won’t have that anymore.

After starting out for Harrow back in 2006, Adomah found his way through the Football League by playing for Barnet, Bristol City, Middlesbrough and of course, our Aston Villa. He’s a reletively unfashionable name in English Football and of course, when we signed him - many wouldn’t have known who he was. Worse still, Adomah came to Villa to replace the speedy wunderkind Adama Traore.

While Adama hasn’t done a lot for Middlesbrough except run really fast, Adomah has been somewhat of a quiet revelation for Aston Villa this season. He’s quickly becoming my favourite footballer. Here are a few reasons why:

He’s doing well

Albert Adomah leads Aston Villa in assists right now and is second in the assists table to Conor Hourihane (who set up most of his goals while playing in the red shirt of Barnsley). Albert’s ten assists have been valuable for a misfiring Villa team who were flirting with the prospect of relegation not five weeks ago. He’s also scored some crucial goals for Villa throughout this season. Villa have been crying out for this type of player for ages!

He’s pretty skilful

Adomah won’t have a five star skill rating on FIFA 18, but he’s pulled a few decent tricks from under his sleeve when the team has needed it from him. What’s great is that Adomah isn’t pinwheeling and rouletting into the corner flag, he’s genuinely surprising the opposition with his agility and drop-of-a-hat footwork. Villa have been subjected to a few years of players who showcase pointless displays of technique, but Adomah has found success with some of his showboating - look no further than his ‘no-look pass’ against Sheffied Wednesday that duped everyone except the rampant Jonathan Kodjia.

He doesn’t get distracted by the badge

One of the things that has crippled Villa’s season is the weight of expectation. New signings for Villa are expected to be incredibly gifted and lift the club back to the Premier League. That’s a big ask. For Albert, it’s different. When he’s on the turf at Villa Park, it looks as though he’s in the park. He isn’t scared to experiment, take on players or even make mistakes. The pressure of the occasion never overwhelms him and he plays as though he is trying to make his P.E teacher applaud him. The game is taken so seriously by so many, so it’s good to see Adomah have fun and succeed. Football is a recreational activity, after all.

He won’t stop smiling

Adomah is a cheeky bastard and you can see that with his dances upon scoring as well as his constant smile, even in the face of 3 goal thumping at home to Barnsley. There are too many moody bastards in the game today and sometimes you’ve gotta laugh at it all - brush yourself off and go again. Adomah does that and I’d go the distance to bet he’s just as chilled out on the pitch as he is when he’s out with his friends.