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Aston Villa vs. Sheffield Wednesday, live stream: Team news, game time and how to follow online

We’ve got everything you need to follow along as Aston Villa host Sheffield Wednesday.

Bennett Berry

“Who are Aston Villa playing today,” I asked, innocently.

“Wednesday,” my friend replied.

“No, who are they playing.”


“No, they’re playing today, and today is Saturday. I would like to know which team they are playing against.”

“Ah!” said my friend. “I see wherein lies the confusion. Because Aston Villa are playing Wednesday.”

At this point I slapped my friend. This was no time for japing. I needed this information. I needed to know who Aston Villa were playing, when it was happening, and where I could follow along. “Just tell me what I need to know!”

My friend trembled. “Aston Villa play Wednesday, and if you don’t believe me and need that information, just read below this.”

I did, and I found everything I needed.


Location: Villa Park, Birmingham, England

Kick-off time: 3 PM BST, 10 AM Eastern, 7 AM Pacific

Available TV: None

Available streaming: None

Available radio: BBC WM 95.6 FM (not online), AVTV (If audio doesn’t work, try using Safari)

Other listings are available from

Aston Villa squad

Sheffield Wednesday squad

Live twitter feed