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Twitter talk: New deal for Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

Plus exit ramps for two others

Aston Villa v Newcastle United - Premier League Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

January may be done and dusted (if you need a recap check it out here) but the Dr Xia twitter machine continues offering news and insights into the club.

Rushian Hepburn-Murphy has been one of the soap operas of the season. A youth with clear talent — who has been told he make the team without signing a new deal — may be close to a deal... or Dr X is going public to try to influence negotiations. With all the new strikers this season — some of whom are still on the team -- he can’t be certain where he would fall on the depth chart.

The inclusion of Sanchez is interesting because his contract is not up until 2018 after signing a four year deal in 2014 when he joined. So — presuming the owner didn’t mistype — there must be an out-clause, the club is going to pony up some serious cash to buy it out, or the two sides have reached some kind of mutual termination.

Sidebar: Sometimes it is crazy if you step back and think about the open communication from the owner. It is great for fans seeking information (and blogs seeking content) but may not always be the wisest course of action.

Tony Xia also offered a harsh — but accurate — statement about the past financial decisions (in this case that of Libor Kozak).

This is when I get David Bowie’s Changes stuck in my head. You’re welcome.