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Ross McCormack explains ‘Gate-Gate’ in a way only Ross McCormack could

Villa’s on-loan Scotsman told the truth and it’s exactly as expected.

Aston Villa v Huddersfield Town: Sky Bet Championship Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Ross McCormack decided that the first thing he would do after joining Nottingham Forest was to clear the air regarding his time at Aston Villa. The full article on Sky Sports is an interesting read, but the snippet that will appeal most to Villa fans is pasted below:

Asked about the event now known as 'Gate-Gate', the Scotland international said: "It's a true story, honestly. Listen, I'm not a kid, I know how it sounds. But there were factors to it.

"At Villa, if you had a problem, you phone the doctor in the morning. So I called the doctor about 10 to 15 minutes before I would normally leave to warn him I might be running a bit late.

"It was never anything from me saying I wasn't coming into training. Just that I was going to be a bit late until I got the gate fixed.

"I was supposed to go in to training, but by the time the guy had come in and fixed the gate, it was about 4pm. I rang the club and told them I could now get in, but they said don't bother - we'll see you tomorrow."

Villa fans have it on good faith that Ross missed training at Bodymoor Heath on five occasions. This would only account for one time, so what happened with the other four times, Ross? Does he live in a Stargate? Is his life part of a Crash Bandicoot game where he needs to unlock the final boss to go to training?

Whatever. Ross has said he’s having a tough time and it’s very clear that the weight of expectation may have been too much for him, especially with the fact that Villa weren’t consistent with his playing time or position. It’s not for us as fans to judge especially if Ross’s issues are more severe than griping about his price tag.

Here’s hoping that he finds his goals and comes back to Villa with an attitude that says ‘I want to go to training’.