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For now? This is the new normal for Villa

Get used to it.

Brentford v Aston Villa - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

On Valentines night, it was Barnsley who delivered the biggest gift of all to their loyal, and loud, fans. A three-one victory over an Aston Villa team who had bought the two stars of a high-flying Tykes team.

The message? You can shove your money up your - well, you get the picture.

While it was disappointing to see Villa get tonked by three goals to one at home after losing on the weekend against Ipswich, this represents something for Aston Villa. It represents the same woes we all endured last season. We’ve regressed back to the mean.

However, this time last year was one of the best moments of Aston Villa support I can ever remember - after being six nil down to Liverpool, the crowd didn’t stop singing. If you fast forward from then to now - people stopped singing once Barnsley scored their third of the evening.

It’s frustrating, it’s tiring and there are multiple factors to this run of form - but right now, it’s the new normal for Aston Villa who have slipped from a toothless promotion chasing side to a team who may suffer another relegation.

It’s unacceptable, but since this is the new normal, there’s only one thing we can all do - back the team.

It’s not hard.

It might not be forever, it might be that Villa suddenly charge up the table and win every game with a miracle bullet from Steve Bruce, but that’s not likely. Football is a hard sport to predict and Villa have their backs up the wall. Let’s not join forces with the clubs that want to beat the pulp out of Villa. Let’s help Villa fight back in every single way we can until we can break free of this new norm.