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Villa-Ipswich Town instant recap: Hutton as wingback and Green as left back says everything

Well that went about as expected.

Tottenham Hotspur v Aston Villa - The Emirates FA Cup Third Round Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Hear me out on this one, because I think it’ll surprise you. Aston Villa spent the first 45 minutes (okay, 25, but let’s round up) dominating Ipswich Town. The bizarre 3-5-2 with Alan Hutton as a wingback was somehow working and things were clicking. Then Villa let up a bit and halftime happened. When the teams came out for the second half, Villa were not nearly as good and Ipswich got chances. Then, in the final 10 minutes, Aston Villa conceded a silly goal to lose the match.

Weird, right?

That first half was actually pretty good, though. Villa had five shots in the first eight minutes, and the pressure was consistent. The best chance probably came a bit later on when Birkir Bjarnanson connected on a free-kick bullet that ricocheted off the crossbar.

The second half started with Ipswich ascendant, but the two teams leveled out and played a bit of boring football for a while. If you were listening and didn’t think a late Ipswich goal was coming, you’re incredibly hopeful and oh, by the way, welcome to Aston Villa. Leave now while you can.

Tommy Elphick’s slip freed up a Town player to cross in and the goal was scored in the 83rd minute and everything was terrible and also exactly what we expected.

Oh, and in the final few minutes, Andre Green was playing left back. Please leave, Steve Bruce.