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Robert Snodgrass opens fire at West Ham owner David Sullivan

Don’t worry Snoddy, we’re supporting you!

Preston North End v Aston Villa - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Earlier tonight, Villa’s on-loan winger, Robert Snodgrass, made his feelings known on twitter in regards to comments made by West Ham Chairman David Sullivan during an interview with The Guardian in which Sullivan reveals some of his poorer decisions - one of them being the signing of Snodgrass.

West Ham, one of the most historic clubs in England are undergoing a process of change right now. They are a club who have always been in the papers - the Tevez saga, relegations, the Olympic Stadium and outspoken owners. They haven’t shied away from an awful lot in recent years, but could this be considered a step too far from Sullivan?

This is not the usual thing we report on, but it’s extremely strange to see a Chairman, a member of non-playing staff, try and drag a player like this for seemingly no reason. Snodgrass was committed to West Ham during his time there and despite it not working for him, didn’t seem to ruin his own time at the club. Since he’s been at Villa, he’s acted like a professional!

Honesty is refreshing, but moral is poor at West Ham. Imagine if Lerner pulled this when Villa were in trouble? He’d have ruined the club further! It must be said that Snodgrass is still a Hammer, so this sign of ‘support’ is odd. If I was a West Ham fan, I’d be extremely worried. The best thing a club can do is pull together, and not take random shots. You have to think that this whole charade from the Hammers management is entirely pointless.

As for Snodgrass? He’s one of us now - and we’re obviously backing him all the way.