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Aston Villa have signed a warrior in Birkir Bjarnason

And no, that’s not just the stereotype

Arsenal FC v FC Basel 1893 - UEFA Champions League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Aston Villa have made quite the capture with the signature of Birkir Bjarnason, the Icelandic international who made an impact at last summer’s European Championship in France.

Bjarnason has made a fair few appearances in European competitions like the Champions League including a spell in Serie A. Birkir can play across the midfield and is a proven goalscorer.

Birkir is known for his determination and work rate, statistics that one can’t really quantify - yet attributes that will be worth their weight in gold to a Villa team that shows no determination to push forward.

The Icelandic playmaker impressed at EURO 2016 and played a big part in the rise of Icelandic football this past year. While we should be wary about purchasing players that impress in single tournaments, it seems as though Birkir is consistent in impressing at every level.

He can’t half hit them, as well.


A photo posted by Birkir Bjarnason (@birkirbjarnason) on

Birkir isn’t one to mess around and if he takes the same approach to his football as he does his hobbies, then Villa are in for a treat.