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Former Aston Villa boss Graham Taylor passes away at 72

We sadly say goodbye to a giant of English football today. Rest In Peace.

Graham Taylor

The Birmingham Mail have reported that Graham Taylor has passed away today at the age of 72.

Taylor will be remembered best for his work at Watford, where he made the Hornets relevant (his work still exists to this day, notably them being anywhere near the Premier League).

Villa fans will hold Taylor in high regard for his spell at Aston Villa where he brought the Villans back into the First Divison and eventually as runners up to the title before he left to complete the thankless task as manager of the England football team, where he faced heaps of criticism - and for some reason was the focus of a documentary during England’s worst moments. Taylor didn’t shy away at all.

There are two generations of Villa fans that will be familiar with Taylor’s work. My own one and the one that my parents belonged to. Both will have their own version of various tales - but I remember Taylor as ‘Villa’s radio boss’ when I was nine years old and we couldn’t afford a proper telly, so I had to listen to Taylor’s lacklustre return to Villa on the airwaves. It comes full circle, doesn’t it? Graham Taylor has the reputation of a ‘Mr Nice’ in the game, but that mattered not to the English press, who have had almost every single England manager since Taylor practicing their best ‘Et tu Brute?’

Graham’s cause of death is unknown. We will update if the news is relevant and if it is actually any news at all.