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Barnsley vs. Aston Villa, live stream: Team news, game time and how to follow online

We’ve got everything you need to follow along as Aston Villa travel to Barnsley.

Bennett Berry

I don’t think you could call Saturday’s Aston Villa match against Newcastle good, per se, but it certainly was an improvement on what we’ve had. Playing like garbage and then getting a last-minute draw definitely makes you feel better than doing the inverse of all of that.

But let’s try something novel against Barnsley. Instead of playing well and settling for a draw or playing badly and achieving a draw, let’s play well, and get a win.


Really, it’s time for another one of those. This version of Aston Villa have proven that they can draw. We get it! You’re very good at drawing! You almost have more draws than last year’s team already! So show us that you can win now.

Because if we can’t win against a team whose nickname is “The Tykes” then what are we even here for?

No TV today, so we’re stuck waiting for audio and watching twitter. Luckily, we can help! You’ll find details of the match, a live twitter feed, and lineups below. UTV!

Location: Oakwell, Barnsley, England

Kick-off time: 7:45 PM GMT, 2:45 PM Eastern, 11:45 AM Pacific

Available TV: None

Available streaming: None

Available radio: BBC WM 95.6 FM (not online), AVTV (If audio doesn’t work, try using Safari)

Other listings are available from

Aston Villa squad

Barnsley squad

Live twitter feed