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‘Justice for Dalian Atkinson’ March set to take place on 17th September

A march in the name of Dalian Atkinson will take place this month.

Dalian Atkinson of Aston Villa

A march in the name of ‘Justice for Dalian Atkinson’ will be taking place in Telford on the 17th of September at 2pm.

The march’s Facebook page describes the event as a ‘peaceful march for truth and justice for Dalian Atkinson’, who passed away in August following an altercation with West Mercia Police. It is clear that this will be a peaceful march in Atkinson’s name.

“To all who care about what has happened, I am appealing to you all to come out and support this peaceful event. It is time to unite for a just cause. We will have children and babies present so no nonsense will be tolerated. We need to march and remain respectful at all times during the march. Trouble-makers, please stay away.”

The march is beginning in Telford Town Park and will end at Malinsgate Police station, the page declares that more details are ‘to be announced’.

Telford-Live have more information here.