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Aston Villa owner polls the audience

The Doctor is in — and taking your calls


Twitter really is the modern — and world wide — call-in sports radio show. And Dr. Tony Xia took the mic this morning and opened the phone lines.

As a former radio producer and call screener — this kind of open question still makes me a little queezy — but let’s go to the tweets!

Let’s start with a productive one -- and a feeling shared by many fans (and written up in greater detail here

The performance differences after the break was a common thread. And will continue to be until something changes.

While some called for support — no matter the frustration the fans feel at watching what feels like re-runs of a miserable TV show.

Perhaps we need some professional help is just what the team needs.

A sports psychologist was a frequently mentioned idea. Some of the breakdowns are mental. Losing begets losing — especially with late collapses. Hopefully once the pattern breaks (which it has to..... right?) the nerves will settle and the leadership that has been brought into the team can show itself.

If you can’t beat the system — maybe it is time to change it?

Dr Tony has some pull — he may be able to pull a few strings. How about negative time added on?

Some called for the head of the manager — but more called for him to stay and adapt to what he is seeing. Most (based on my totally unscientific looking through tweets) seemed to echo the call for patience.

Then there are the trolls. I’m not posting them. Don’t feed the trolls. Some highlights: Turn to cocaine (hell of a drug). Violence against players (seriously... can this stop being a thing?). Oh well I guess there is only one thing to do —

Somehow I think this suggestion might be an enemy plant.

But a dangerous one at that. An involved owner is great and still a little shocking based on what Villa fans have had to deal with for the past decade. This kind of involvement is cathartic and the right of every fan. But in the end the decision has to be made by the players/manager/coaches in the locker room. And things have to get better... hopefully.

What are your thoughts? I’ll hang up and listen.