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Aston Villa are the best team in the Championship*

*Or rather, they would be if they stopped giving away leads.

Aston Villa v Nottingham Forest - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Aston Villa have now played seven matches. In four of those, they have had a lead and managed to come to the final whistle not in possession of that lead. Dropping points is frustrating, but usually it doesn’t happen with frequency or regularity. It’s something that just gets annoying every once in a while. But this Aston Villa squad seems eager to make it their signature.

Here were the matches:

vs. Huddersfield: Lead taken in the 25th minute on a Ross McCormack goal. Surrendered in the 86th for a draw.

at Bristol City: Lead taken in the 5th minute on a Jack Grealish goal. Surrendered in the 59th, and then compounded in the 61st and 81st for a loss.

vs. Nottingham Forest: Lead taken in 74th minute on a Rudy Gestede goal. Surrendered in the 87th for a draw.

vs. Brentford: Lead taken in the 19th minute on a Jonathan Kodjia goal. Surrendered in the 88th for a draw.

Taken altogether, that’s nine points dropped from winning positions. (It does not count the point dropped from a draw in the opener.) Villa currently sit in 17th with seven points on the season. Add in the nine we’ve pissed away (and the goal differential that goes with it) and suddenly Villa are in 1st with sixteen points and a +6 differential.

I’m not sure I have much analysis to add here, I just want to make sure everyone knows exactly how bad this is, and how quickly it may be costing us a chance at promotion. You could say it was luck if it happened once or twice, but this is becoming a habit now.