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WATCH: Kodjia scores his first for Aston Villa, gives them a lead over Brentford

Jonathan Kodjia has given Aston Villa a goal in only his second match.

Aston Villa are currently playing Brentford in a match that is, by all accounts, a wild, open, and end to end affair. But Jonathan Kodjia (playing in an absurd front line with Ross McCormack, Jordan Ayew, and Rudy Gestede) managed to strike first and give Villa the lead.

And when I say that Kodjia struck first, I mean literally him. Not the team. Kodjia got the ball on the right side of the box and managed to evade two Brentford players before slamming in an absolutely gorgeous shot from about 15 yards out. Here, have a look:

That’s a stunning effort, and when you couple it with the incredible shift he put in against Nottingham Forest on Sunday, you start to realize why Villa were willing to set the Championship transfer record for him. Keep this up and he’s going to be a hero with his own song before long.