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Aston Villa 2016-17 player preview: Micah Richards

Once captain, now nothing.

Manchester City v Aston Villa - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Once captain, now reserve. We simply don’t know if Micah Richards will ever have a part to play at Villa Park again.

Two versions exist of Richards - the bombastic, heroic marauder of the right flank and last year’s beleaguered Villan, who tried to put the world on his shoulders and was crushed by the pressure.

Micah Richards should be a good right-back, but Alan Hutton simply offers a better option. That’s an extremely sad existence for a man who should be playing with Europe’s elite.

Now, he’s slumming it with Villa and deservedly so. Richards is the reason Villa conceded so many goals last season by playing so far up the pitch and out of his position.

If Richards can add discipline and calm to his game, he’ll be a good servant to Aston Villa. If he can’t? He’s as good as useless to the squad. Bring the old Richards back, Micah.