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Finally: Aston Villa in the Championship

It's the final part of our pre-season roundtable.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

With just two days until Aston Villa's season kicks off, we try and predict just how this season will go. It's the final part of our pre-season roundtable, thanks for following along.

Where do you think that Aston Villa will finish this season?

Bennett: If Villa can avoid bad luck with injuries, and assuming that the appropriate signings are made, they should be top 3. Despite the collective social media meltdown, there's plenty of time to land the needed pieces.

James: First.

Robert: 6th. There are still enough problems that outright winning this would be crazy, but this is a team that is absolutely capable of competing for a playoff spot.

Matt Villan: The current squad? Upper mid-table. Add in an extra striker and a winger and we could go as high as second.

Matt F: 3rd

Alex: Give me fifth, meaning Villa will have to do it through the playoff. They’ll kill my nerves, but get it done over Newcastle in the final. But I see a slow start hurting the chances of automatic promotion.

Adam: 2nd

Jack: Third

Herbert: Second

Elis: Looks like I'm playing the part of pessimist this season. 8th.

Which team are you most looking forward to seeing Villa play?

Bennett: Newcastle.

James: Sheffield Wednesday on the opening day. I love Wednesday and can't wait.

Robert: Birmingham City. This seems fairly obvious. But less obvious is the fact that they are also the team I am LEAST looking forward to seeing Villa play.

Matt Villan: Fairly easy one this, already almost counting down the days til the resumption of our epic clashes with the titans of Ipswi...Yeah no Birmingham. It's always fun!

Matt F: Burton Albion, because their crest features an anthropomorphic "BA" with legs

Alex: I mean, Blues are the clear answer here, but outside of that, it’ll be neat to see Villa take, like, 10,000 fans to Wigan again.

Adam: Ipswich (I live down in Essex so my best chance of seeing them live)

Jack: Newcastle

Herbert: Birmingham City

Elis: Cardiff City. They used to be my most local side, and I especially enjoyed watching Villa beat them 2-0 two seasons back. I'd like a repeat of that.

What does Villa need to do in order for you to consider this a successful season?

Bennett: If injuries aren't an overwhelming issue, promotion. It may be via playoffs, but promotion.

James: At least be competitive. I don't expect promotion, but I'm hopeful of it. Please finish 7th at the very least!

Robert: Finish above 10th and show definite signs of progress that can be built upon going forward.

Matt Villan: Win more than three games

Matt F: Get in the playoffs at least. It would suck to finish like 5th and lose in the first round of the playoffs, but it would be easier to get over that than say, finish 11th.

Alex: Well, winning promotion would be nice, but that’s not going to be straightforward. If the club don’t win promotion, properly bringing through 3-5 youth players would be a nice consolation.

Adam: High bar but it has to be promotion - staying down in the Championship is too risky.

Jack: Finish top six and qualify for the promotion playoff final

Herbert: Be promoted

Elis: I really just want a drama free season. Last year was a rollercoaster of awful, and avoiding a repeat of that would be lovely.

As always, we'd love to hear your answers to the questions above, and you can do so by commenting below! Thanks for following along all week. Over to you, Aston Villa.