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Elsewhere in the football world

Today we step away from Villa Park to take a look at the rest of the football world.

Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

Welcome to part four of the 7500 to Holte pre-season roundtable. Today, we broaden our footballing horizons and look at football around the world. How very continental.

Who will win the Premier League?

Elis: Manchester City I guess. But so long as Leicester City don't win again, I'll be content.

Adam: Fingers crossed that 'anything can happen' continues and Spurs can stop being Spursy long enough to win it with a young squad with a lot of English talent. If not, Man City.

Jack: Manchester City

Matt Villan: There's half a temptation to say like Hull or someone ridiculous after Leicester, but to do so is to kinda miss the point of Leicester's success. As such, it's got to be one of City, United or Chelsea, and despite the red half of Manchester's epic spend, City look to have recruited far more cannily.

Alex: Chelsea. No European football will be nice, Leicester and Spurs will regress, Arsenal and United aren’t talented enough, Pep’ll need time to work wonders at City.

Bennett: Man U, but I'd prefer to see Liverpool and they've got an outside shot.

Robert: Arsenal! Hahahaha, just kidding. Manchester City.

Herbert: Manchester City

Matt F: Manchester City

James: Manchester United with the help of Zlats!

Who will win the Champions League?

Elis: Hopefully my main man Gareth Bale can fire Real Madrid to glory. Though if Hal Robson-Kanu does make his improbable move to Atletico, it has to be them.

Adam: Guardiola to lead Man City to the promised land, at which point Sam Allardyce steps down to become tea boy while Pep takes over the England job.

Jack: Juventus

Matt Villan: Atletico to finally do it I reckon, squad's only getting better, and I'm not sure Real can beat them in a final two years on the trot. Wouldn't rule out Barca though, with Messi having a point to prove after a disappointing summer.

Alex: Barça? Sure, let’s go with them.

Bennett: Bayern Munich

Robert: Barcelona.

Herbert: Bayern Munich

Matt F: Barcelona

James: Juventus

What team outside England are you most interested in watching this year?

Elis: With former Wales international Carl Robinson as head coach (and Robert Earnshaw as a youth coach!), MLS side Vancouver Whitecaps have become my second team.

Adam: The Red Bull funded RB Leipzig were promoted to the Bundesliga last season - and while there's plenty of good reasons to hate the idea of a corporate team buying wins, it's also going to be interesting to see what it does to the German league.

Jack: Borussia Dortmund

Matt Villan: Athletic Club. Love them, amazing they consistently succeed in spite of their transfer policy.

Alex: Not even gonna try to get cute this year, it’s Borussia Dortmund. They’ve made some really good, exciting signings this year, and with Bayern changing manager, this is their year to contend again for a Bundesliga crown.

Bennett: OKC Energy FC in the USL

Robert: The US women's national team. In the Olympics.

Herbert: Borussia Dortmund

Matt F: Not that I want them to do well or anything, but Manchester United. Mourinho could win up doing amazingly well there, or this could be a disaster with. I'm not sure which yet.

James: AC Milan because God knows I need a circus in my life.

Outside of the Villa, which other teams do you guys follow? Let us know below! Tomorrow is our fifth and final part of the roundtable, stay tuned.