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Tony Xia confirms that Aston Villa are done in the summer transfer window

Well, that wraps things up.


We’d heard for a while that Aston Villa were done in the summer transfer window, but we had yet to hear from the greatest ITK account of them all. But then he broke his silence, and we’ve now got it straight from the owner’s mouth. Here’s Tony Xia on Aston Villa’s summer work:

It’s all over! Now all we have to do is make this team work together and improve on the early results they’ve gotten.

One can be left to wonder what were the other two moves (or is it, “we tried to do more”?) but it’s hard to argue that the nine incomings and outgoings are not, as Xia says, “great work by the whole new team.” A team that plummeted to the bottom of the Premier League and suffered an ignominious relegation has been almost entirely re-made. It may take time for success to come, but at least Villa aren’t resting on their (dead and rotten) laurels.

Let’s see what this squad can do once the season gets back underway.