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Joleon Lescott leaves Aston Villa for Greece

It's over.

Watford v Aston Villa - Premier League Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

Joleon Lescott's new team have officially announced that the disliked defender has left Aston Villa for their sunny shores.

The new club? AEK Athens of Greece.

Lescott's time at Villa Park fell apart in the early winter of 2016. After a bright start scoring goals and captaining his boyhood team, Lescott posted a picture of a Mercedes sports car after a heavy six goal defeat by Liverpool. Villa fans didn't take this move lightly.

It's still there. Maybe we did go over the top about it, but at the time when we needed the players to at least fake confidence and care for the club, this happened instead.

Following the car incident, Joleon was threatened with intense physical violence on his instagram feed. That is clearly unacceptable and was a tipping point in his relationship with Villa. He didn't like the fans and the fans didn't like him.

The final straw was his choice of words following Villa's relegation at the hands of Manchester United. Joleon mentioned that the drop was a 'weight off his shoulders'. Whilst that was clearly meant as a baseless snippet of audio that Joleon said off the top off his head, it still irked Villa fans who had paid cold, hard cash to watch him and Aston Villa.

Lescott was benched following Tony Xia's arrival at Villa Park and following a collapsed move to Rangers, Lescott is finally gone.

I'll take this opportunity to forgive and forget. Grudges are such pointless things. I was hurt by Joleon who suggested my time was worthless on two occasions, but I hope he truly didn't mean that. Good luck on your new adventure, even if it is just for the money.