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North American Villans Meet Up preview: Part one

Robert isn't present this week, but Jack interviews Chicago Lions chairman Simon Leach about next month's Meet Up.

NA Villans Paul G Marshall

As the fourth annual North American Villans Meet Up is being hosted in Chicago this year, I thought there would be no better guest to have on Episode 96 of the Holtecast than Simon Leach. Simon is the chairman of the Chicago branch of the Aston Villa Lions Club, and the main organiser of the annual event for Villa supporters from the northwest hemisphere (and beyond) to gather to watch an Aston Villa match and partake in other activities.

We met at The Globe Pub, the home bar for the Chicago Villans, and watched a replay of the 1994 League Cup Final between Aston Villa and Manchester United before I formally quizzed Simon on his Villa upbringing. Later on, he provided details of the event, which spans the weekend of the 22-24th of September.

Villa play Newcastle that Saturday, and there will be other things like a soccer match on Friday night, and an optional golf outing on Sunday. More details that are yet to be confirmed are to follow shortly, so watch for part two of the preview which will outline those.

In the meantime, you can check out the Facebook event page for the Meet Up, and listen to my full interview on this week’s Holtecast below. You can contact Simon Leach by email (avfcusa1000 @ gmail) or on Twitter.