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Villa Chairman gifts shirt to young Villa fan

Villa chairman, Tony Xia makes good on his promise to help a young Villa supporter get a new shirt after it was nicked in the car park.

Saturday’s victory against Rotherham was all but a good day for one Villa fan. After the match, a young Villa supporter, named Toby, had his brand new Villa shirt stolen from him while he was distracted waiting for a chance to meet the players. The heartbreaking story caught the attention of many Villa fans who spread the story on social media and, after being informed on Twitter, the Villa chairman took notice too.

Through the help of Villa Secretary to the Chairman, Rongtian He, Dr. Xia and Villa got in contact with Toby and his family, to right the wrong and gift Toby a new top before Tuesday’s home game against Huddersfield.

The act was extremely well received among Villa supporters, and although it might seem like somewhat of a small gesture, it signifies a new and repaired relationship between supporters of the club and its engaging ownership.