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WATCH: Ross McCormack’s goal makes it Aston Villa 1-0 Huddersfield Town

Ross McCormack capitalized on a lovely team effort to give Aston Villa a 1-0 lead.

Aston Villa are on a run of form like we haven’t seen in ages right now. Since Saturday, they’ve won a match, scored three times in that match, and have started today’s affair against Huddersfield town at a blistering pace. After a flurry of early shots forced the visiting keeper to work for his paycheck, play settled down for a bit.

But then, in the 25th minute, Leandro Bacuna came up the right side and sent a huge, long, and precise cross into the box. There, Jack Grealish expertly handled it and chipped it closer where Ross McCormack was waiting.

McCormack didn’t let the chance pass, and managed to get his head on the ball to put it into the goal for his first tally as a member of the club. Take a look:

That’s an incredible team effort, and it’s given Villa a 1-0 lead. If they can build on it, they’ll be well on their way to making it two wins in a row.