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The never-ending Agbonlahor conundrum!

What to do with Villa’s longest serving player?

Aston Villa v Norwich City - Premier League Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Gabby is back at it! ‘it’ could be defined as fitness training, prepping for next year’s Tour de France, social media games, and/or trolling.

6am bike rides with my new toy Ready whenever called upon ✅ #utv #vtid #oneclub #notgoinganywhere

A photo posted by Gabriel Agbonlahor (@ga11official) on

I’m not sure there is a figure at Villa that is more loved by fans, hated by others, and the cause of frustration for all. A few weeks ago it appeared as if he was gone and many fans went into the ‘what if’ rabbit hole: the brilliant goals, the powerful partnership with John Carew (he’s bigger than me and you), the love of Villa, and on and on.

He has talent. He is Villa. He is still only 29, though it feels like he should be older. He is likely on a big contract that would be tough/expensive to move.

Then there was last year. It was bad. He was clearly out of shape, or at least in a shape that is more embraced the fans than the the players. Yes, that is me calling him fat, well, at least for a football player. The partying after relegation was stupid. Previous years haven’t been much better. The Goal tallies of the last four years leave much to be desire: 1, 6, 4, 12.

The fans are divided. A quick scroll through social media and message boards proves that there is still love (He is Villa through and through, give him a second chance, ect), hate (Just buy his *expletive* contract out, Is Gabby the new N’Zogbia), and the prove it crowd.

He has a great deal of proving to do. But I wasn’t on my bike at 6am. But to be fair — I can’t confirm that he was either. Only that he said he was. And that skepticism is well earned.

What say you — what is your answer to the seemingly never ending Gabby Conundrum?