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Italian goalkeeper excited at opportunity to join ‘glorious’ Aston Villa

Italy U21 Training Session And Press Conference Photo by Dino Panato/Getty Images

Aston Villa target Pierluigi Gollini was cornered by Italy’s Sky Sport in an airport today and for those who can speak Italian, he dropped a few gems in the following interview.

Italian? I can’t speak it myself, but I’m fortunate enough to work with someone who can. Michele Pasquali of the AC Milan Offside stepped in to help me out with the language barrier. He took a look at the video and was able to reveal some exciting information.

‘It seems that Gollini, who played at Hellas Verona last season, signed with Aston Villa. He said he's happy to join such a "glorious" (literally) club and he thinks it's a great opportunity for him to play for them. Also, it seems that Verona wanted him to stay but they couldn't reach an agreement so he was happy to agree to Di Matteo's offer.’

And Michele, being somewhat of an Italian football fan gave me his opinion on Gollini.

‘He's a decent goalkeeper that could be good for the championship. He struggled a bit at a Serie A level but he can surely get better.’

Gollini is a statement away from joining Aston Villa and will be a massive boost to the club’s stagnating goalkeeping department.

And at the very least, he knows exactly what to say. Glorious indeed.