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Aston Villa officially reveal 16/17 kits!

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Aston Villa have today announced that they will be working with Under Armour going forward as their primary gear manufacturer and sponsor for the next five years.

UA and Villa

We now know the first products released as part of the ‘Fight like Lions’ campaign.

Here are the home and away shirts:

The home is very similar to the designs we've seen for the past six or seven years with a bold claret body and striking blue sleeves. This version of the design just pops a bit more.

The away shirt is quite unique and to me is quite a 'retro' take. A white shirt is headed with blue and underlined with a bold claret stripe. Get it if you're not a messy eater.

This is huge news and the deal should be quite lucrative if Villa can pull off the expected and qualify for next year's Premier League season.

What's more is that Tottenham are set to be leaving Under Armour in the near future, which would make Aston Villa as well as Southampton UA's only way into the English football market which means that someone might actually take a great deal of care when crafting Aston Villa products! For once.

*Article was amended to reflect that Southampton will be joining the UA family this year.