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Aston Villa tease new kit with surreal cinematic promo

What the hell is this?

The days of Aston Villa being a second-rate team are clearly over.

Well, at least in terms of their media department, who have upped the ante to near ridiculous levels of presentation for their new kit reveal which will take place this Friday, the 1st of July. You can watch a teaser of the video below.

I mean. I'm actually excited. It looks pretty arty? It's only a kit, but it's nice to see Villa actually do something like this. I'd much rather they win football games, but this is still pretty cool. And if the squad's quality can match the production values of this video, then I guess that's a promising sign..

The gentleman in the pool is Jonathan Fear, quite an inspirational character, so that might be hinting at some kind of 'fight like lion's' brand?

Ahh, what am I talking about? It's a new Villa kit and half of you will hate it anyway regardless of this fancy video.