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Aston Villa’s new kits: What we know so far

Aston Villa will be unveiling new kits shortly. We know a bit about the design, probably know the manufacturer and definitely know the unveil date.

As is usual heading into a new season, Aston Villa will have new kits for their first second-tier adventure in 29 years. So let’s jump into what we know so far about the new kits.

Villa’s 2016-17 kits will be revealed Friday 1 July at 12 noon BST. One could have speculated that — Villa’s store is currently closed and will reopen on 1 July — but we now know that’ll be the reveal date. The kit can be preordered starting next Monday, 27 June.

Villa’s 2016-17 kits will likely be manufactured by Under Armour. So this has been the hot rumour floating around for the past couple months, and we haven’t seen anything to make us think otherwise. Villa signed a four-year deal with Macron, well, four years ago, so that’s set to expire presumably at the end of the month. Knowing Tom Fox — he was bad at most things except this — Villa got a good deal from whoever the new manufacturer is, but UA should be the answer there.

Villa’s 2016-17 home kit looks to have a button-up collar. If you take a good look at the teaser above, you’ll be able to note a button above and to the left of the crest, which would indicate the Claret and Blues will be going with a "full" collar for the first time in years. Villa have used collars a lot throughout the last half century, but they’ve rarely had buttons — a couple of kits in the early 1990s the exception.

We’ll keep you posted when we learn more about next season’s Villa kits, including any info on the road one. Let us know what you want to see this year in the comments!

UPDATE (27/6): Villa’s 2016-17 road kit will be light blue and white. We got ourselves another teaser Monday morning for the club, but this time it’s for the away kit — and it looks really nice. A little reminiscent of a kit in years past (oh, hi Stan Collymore), the road kit’ll have a light blue upper chest area with some level of white below it. It’s tough to say if the kit will be primarily white with blue accents or blue with white ones, but it’s tough to imagine many being upset about this teaser.