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Stan Petrov set to return to Aston Villa’s first team

Stan Petrov is amazing.

He told cancer to do one, stuck two fingers up at death and raised a ton of money for various cancer charities.

As as you can see from the above, he’s about to tell his doubters that he is back.

Stan Petrov, in 2016 will return to Aston Villa’s first team this month for a pre-season schedule that could very well see him playing full-time for the team he retired with over three years ago.

It’s not a sure thing that Stan will make the cut for Villa’s final squad, but he is trying-out with a team that now plays in a league without the harsh squad registration rules of the Premier League. What this means is that Stan’s return might very well depend on the contract he wants.

It’s a remarkable step for Stan and I still cannot believe this is happening. What a story this is. We’ll have all the coverage as this incredible narrative unfolds.