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Who will Aston Villa face in the championship? Find out with the official fixtures list!

Find out who Villa will face here!

It's the moment you've all been waiting for: Aston Villa have announced the teams they will play in their campaign for instant promotion back to the Premier League.

Sheffield Wednesday will host Villa at Hillsborough on Sunday August the 7th in a televised match (Good news for the Americans!) whilst inviting Rotherham of 'Rotterdam to Rotherham fame' to Villa Park the following Saturday.

The Second City Derby will be reignited with a trip across the city to Small Heath on the 29th of October, whilst 'The Blues' will make the return to the better stadium and better team on the 22nd of April as one of Villa's final three games of the upcoming season.

Also of note: Villa host Burton Albion the day after Christmas, finish off the season with the visit of Brighton and host Nottingham Forest in September.

And of course, there will be plenty of rainy Tuesday nights across Britain for Villa and the rest.

What do you think? Any matches of interest? Let us know below!