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Brad Guzan shows exactly why Aston Villa fans were so fed up with him, Argentina show why they’re great

That's one way to give up an opener to Argentina.

So Brad Guzan is facing off against the #1-ranked team in the world, playing keeper against perhaps the best player ever. He’s had a pretty good Copa América Centenario so far, and for many Aston Villa fans, that’s been a bit of a surprise. After all, this was the keeper who kept losing his job to Mark Bunn this season for one of the worst Premier League teams of all time. He wasn’t good.

But there’s been a return to form, and it must have felt very at home for Guzan. Just as we saw happen so often with Villa, the USMNT allowed a goal within three minutes of kickoff in their match against Argentina. Take a look:

Listen, there’s no shame in allowing a goal from Lavezzi assisted by Messi. But doing so while just standing there doing nothing is... Well that's exactly what we came to expect from Guzan.