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Thanks for nothing, Eric Black

We're so lucky to have had a manager like you!

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Today on the club's official site, Aston Villa thanked former caretaker manager Eric Black and goalkeeping coach Tony Parks. The only reaction that there should be to this is: "Why?"

What did these two incompetent, sad-excuse-for-coaches do in their time at Bodymoor Heath?

-Helped guide Aston Villa to club-record 11th consecutive loss (3-2 to Watford)

-Oversaw the lowest point total in the club's history (17, also the third-worst finish in Premier League history)

-Failed to motivate veteran players to perform or act with any level of professionalism

-Failed to utilise youth team players, on whom the future of the club somewhat depends upon

-Ostracised players like Jores Okore from the first team, which will certainly lead to some undesirable outgoing transfers

It's about time these two were relieved of their duties and can now go somewhere far, far away from our club. Thanks guys!

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