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EA Sport's latest FIFA game allows you to live the dream

FIFA 17 gives you what Villa won't. The chance to be in the Premier League.

Clint Hughes/Getty Images

FIFA or Pro Evo. It doesn't matter, Football simulations give us the chance to right wrongs and live the dream.

That's even more the case with the latest edition of EA Sport's FIFA series.

FIFA 17 expands on the 'Be A Pro' mode, which allows you to play as yourself throughout a career in football by opting for a fully fledged 'Story Mode'.

You can see the video below, as picked up on by The Villa View's Matt Lynch.

A fully directed, filmed and scripted career looks like an interesting prospect for a game needing a new vision. At the very least, it can do one thing - give Villa fans the chance to play in the Premier League next year!

Full details are expected just after 9pm tonight, when EA take the stage for their yearly brief. You can watch it here.