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Aston Villa say nothing new in latest statement on potential takeover

There's a new statement out about a potential takeover at Aston Villa. Get ready to be blown. Away.

Aston Villa v Swansea City - Premier League Photo by Malcolm Couzens/Getty Images

It's been a while since we've heard anything about the impending takeover of Aston Villa by one of three very interested (no, really, we promise, they're real!) parties. So the club decided to keep the idea fresh in our minds and release a statement today. Normally I don't just copy/paste entire statements because that somehow feels unethical to me, but since this one says absolutely nothing, I feel like I'm not even copying. Here we go!

Aston Villa Football Club can confirm Chairman Steve Hollis remains in active negotiations over the sale of the Club.

Chairman Steve Hollis said: "We are in very constructive negotiations which could lead to the sale of the Club to a new Owner.

"There has been no shortage of parties who would like to own Aston Villa but our negotiations are now with those parties that we believe will have the passion and ambition to return the Club to winning the highest honours in European football.

"The appointment of the manager is at this time inextricably linked to the current negotiations."

The Club has consulted with supporter representatives over the annual lap of appreciation and understand in the current circumstances that would not be appropriate.

Throughout a bitterly disappointing campaign our supporters have been the one positive and the Club would like to thank them all for their tremendous support.

Oh. Well then. That was... a waste of time. For everyone. For the club to put out. For someone to type. For us to read.

Let's do a brief recap in case you skimmed it: "We're in negotiations still and people are REALLY interested in Villa, we promise! Thanks for supporting us as we take your hopes and dreams, defecate on them, and then set the whole mess aflame. PS: don't expect a new manager soon. BYE!"

So there you have it. Villa are still doing exactly what we thought they were doing. Now, move on with your lives.